Eñe Para English

Us Eñu working together to save our favorite letter

Testimonials – What Eñe means to us

“[The Eñe has] really spiced up my expressional ability” ~Hannah MH

“I have never understood why the ñ is not used when spelling lasagna. What the heck is a gn. That’s not a sound. There is a clearly superior, condensed version to actually achieve the sound you want. Case closed. No further evidence necessary. #ñforever” ~Tamar L.

“Outstanding” ~Josh O.

“The Eñe is truly one of the finest gifts given to us by Spanish culture. It would be a shame to give that up.”~George M.

“I only speak English, but keep my phone set to Spanish just so I can be constantly reminded of Eñe’s presence in the world” ~Mark Y.

“The letter ñ is not an ancient archaeological form but everything opposite: a cultural jump of a language romance that left behind others on having expressed with an alone letter a sound that in other places continues expressing with two.” ~Administrador

“Eñe all the way baby” ~Neal P.

“People always ask me, is English complete. And you know what I say? I say not yet. You know why I say not yet? Because we don’t have that single letter that speaks for the people: Eñe” ~Marc Z.

“When it comes to the quality of the research coming out of North America and South America one lingual phenomenon stands starkly in the foreground. Introducing the Eñe to English in a formal way would not only modernize the language but would raise up the rest of academia with it” ~Prof. Lilly K.