Eñe Para English

Us Eñu working together to save our favorite letter

Eñe Para English

We are a group working to bring the wonderful letter ñ into the english language. For more details on our history and current goals please see our manifesto below, and feel welcome to peruse our testimonials. We would also love to have your support by joining our petition.

— Our Manifesto —
A Historic Letter Long Deserving of a Place in the English Language

A Historical Context

The letter ñ is unique to the Spanish language. In fact, there is no equivalent letter in Latin to represent the sound of the ñ. This letter was originally used to save space and abbreviate a double n in a word; however, it then evolved into the distinctive sound of the ñ. This can be seen in words like año and doña, whose “nn” versions originate from Latin. However, the ñ is more than simply a saver of space and time- it is a culture, a history, and an evolution. It can be described as a “cultural leap” and a bridge between Latin and Spanish. This leap is a critical part of Spanish culture and history. However, there was a time where the ñ was not appreciated for the beautiful historical and cultural symbol that it is. In the 1990s, there was a movement for computer manufacturers to remove the ñ from keyboards. This movement was passionately protested by many, including the Spanish Royal Academy and even Nobel Prize winning author, Gabriel García Marquez. They asserted that the ñ is a fundamental part of the Spanish language and that it would be an injustice to remove it. The ñ represents a shift: from Hispania to España, from espannol to español, and eventually, with our help, from Spanish to English.

What This Means for Us

As we see from the historical context, ñ is more than just a letter. It represents many years of history, culture, and transformation in the Spanish-speaking community. As English speakers, we at EñeParaEnglish appreciate the significance of the ñ. Our mission is more than simply adapting a time-saving letter or a new sound into the English language; it is a quest to bridge the gaps between us and our Spanish-speaking brothers and sisters, and to respect Spanish culture and history. We hope to fight for the adoption of the ñ with the same fervor that Spanish people such as García Marquez did in the 1990s.

Our Goal

Put simply, our goal is to bring the above concerns to the attention of the powers-that-be and thereby usher the letter Eñe into the English language, culture, and society.

Ready to join us in our holy fight?

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